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Wet Pour Rubber CSBR – 20kg Bags for Playgrounds


Wet Pour Rubber CSBR in 20kg bags. This is quality safety rubber and can be used over a cushion layer.

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Wet Pour Rubber Playgrounds – CSBR 20kg Bags

We stock a range of Wet Pour Rubber products for Playgrounds and childcare centres in 20kg bags. This product is fantastic for non slip areas and areas that require a safe fall height. Our CSBR Wet Pour Rubber is made from only the highest grade rubber material and coated in colour. (we also have EPDM manufactured through coloured rubber).

For this product you will also require our binder to bind the product together. You will need 3.6Lt per 20kg bag of CSBR Wet pour rubber. The binder is sold in 20lt drums. The application method is then to place both the binder and CSBR into a mixer and mix for 5 mins. this will coat all the CSBR granules in binder and they will adhere together. It is then installed by a method of using screed bars, rails and trowels to level and compact the rubber in place.

Our wetpour rubber in CSBR can be used for playgrounds, childcare centres, day care centres and even around the home. It is fantastic for use over our rubber mesh wetpour to provide an added cushion layer. This can get you any safe fall requirement you may need for around play equipment and high areas where kids may fall and injure themselves.

The CSBR colours can also be mixed together to make blended colours that can give some amazing effects. This can have some great uses when mixed to get colours for wet pour rubber paths and patterns.

Make sure to purchase a drum of our lubricant for using on all your tools to help for a smooth installation and it will also help to clean up all you tools on completion of your wet pour works. the best practice is to cover your tools in our lubricant before using them to make clean up extremely easy when compared to not using the lubricant.

If you require more information on any of our Synthetic Grass and Rubber products please feel free to contact us.


Weight20 kg
Dimensions.5 x .3 x .15 m


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