Artificial Grass

Drainage Cell for under Artificial Grass 20mm 1m2 Flat


1m2 of Artificial Grass Drainage Cell 20mm. Great to solve high flow drainage problems.

980 in stock (also available on backorder)

Artificial Grass Drainage Cell 1m2

Our Artificial Grass Drainage Cell is ideal for areas where drainage is an issue. This Product Clips together for easy installation and cuts easy for edging. The product is specially formulated to be Extremely strong design. Sold my the m2 it is a easy way to get drainage under artificial grass.

You will find a unique honeycomb design that allows water to pass directly through the Artificial Grass and into a drain or spill way. Special fittings are also available for the connection to other services.

Artificial Grass Drainage Cell is the best solution for areas that can flood easily due to poor run off. With its easy assembly we would highly recommend that you look into this.

Dimensions.5 x .5 x .8 m


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